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High integrity functional safety system for Eval Europe

Quality and safety are of great importance for Eval Europe, a multinational chemical company that distributes EVOH copolymer resins from its plant in Zwijndrecht, Belgium. During a periodical shutdown, Eval Europe planned to install a functional safety system according to the highest standards. Egemin offered safety know how, turnkey soft- & hardware solutions and training for operators & technicians.

Functional safety compliancy & Seveso checklist

Designing and implementing a complex but easy to use safety system is a challenging task in itself. But the project at Eval Europe offered some specific challenges:

  • The implementation had to be finished within a strict deadline of a general shutdown. Good preparation and coordination by an integrated Eval Europe-Egemin team prevented unnecessary downtime.
  • Safety functions had to be built according IEC 61508/511, the technical standards which set out practices in the engineering of systems to ensure the safety of an industrial process. Egemin has the experience with functional safety to design, implement and maintain flexible but compliant functional safety systems.
  • Egemin supported Eval Europe to complete the Seveso checklist, thus proving to the authorities that the functional safety system limits the risks sufficiently and protects the people working on site and the environment in general.
  • An integrated Eval Europe-Egemin Automation team was set up to design detailed SRS (Safety Requirement Specifications) of complex safety functions. This requires thorough know how of the legislations involved and the ways to build the SIF's.
  • Apart from safety, availibility was a major concern of the customer..


Our service with regards to Functional Safety includes engineering, implementation, verificationand maintenance. More specific, for the project at Eval Europe our scope consisted of:

  • Safety consultancy
  • Safety engineering
  • Verification
  • Testing and commissioning
  • Training of engineers & operators
  • Support in development of maintenance procedures
  • 24/7 support service on stand-by


Detailed planning and open communication with our client allowed us to deliver the project on time and according the specifications stipulated by Eval Europe. We delivered:

  • A fully automated and redundant Himax system meeting all necessary safety requirements.
  • Dedicated SCADA for the safety system
  • All necessary documentation, such as: Safety Life Cycle documentation, As built E&I documentation, Testing documents: FAT & SAT, Seveso checklist, etc

Why Egemin voor functional safety?

Marc Lauwers, SHE Manager at Eval Europe: “The Egemin team came well prepared and worked very professional. The good team spirit and the thorough know how have determined our choice for Egemin. Next to that,we have got a very good service for the price paid. We are very glad to have chosen Egemin for this job.”

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