News Archive 2014

Egemin joins IACSC cold storage association
IACSC, the International Association for Cold Storage Construction, has welcomed Egemin Automation as a new member to its association. The IACSC is a part of the Global Cold Chain Alliance, which unites partners and encourages innovation in leadership for its members throughout the entire cold distribution chain since 2007.

Egemin Automation’s continued growth in the warehousing and distribution sectors has included new ventures into Cold Storage Automation, with several new high-bay warehouses rising up to heights of 42m and higher. Egemin’s innovations in Automated Warehousing & Distribution Systems (E’wds) include automated guided vehicles (E’gv®), AS/RS, automated conveyor systems, automated sortation systems, and high-level warehouse management software (E’wms®). Cold Storage Automation presents unique challenges that Egemin’s engineers have eagerly solved.

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