News Archive 2013

Successful SMETA audit Corporate

Egemin has been successfully audited for the SMETA 4-pillar. This assessment system investigates whether companies are doing business in an ethical way throughout the supply chain. SMETA stands for “Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit” and is supported by a growing number of multinational companies that have committed themselves to conduct business in an ethically correct way.

The audit focuses on four pillars: labour rights, environmental care, health and safety and business ethics. Aspects that were audited include amongst others racism, moonlighting, bribery, mobbing and work organization. In addition to Egemin’s management, a representative group of staff has also been interviewed. The Belgian headquarters as well as the Netherlands activities were audited.

“This is a new but a fairly important audit for Egemin and we are attaching great value to it”, says Arnoud den Hoedt, division manager Process Automation. “Like many of our key accounts, we strive for proper business ethics and we are committed to help achieving these throughout the entire chain. By completing the audit, we have not reached our final goal but started a new process.”

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