News Archive 2012

Winner of the mini E'gv

This year Egemin is increasing its presence in polytechnic schools and universities. We found that there is a great deal of young talent just waiting for the perfect start of their career and we want to be the ones to offer just that!

For the academic year 2011-2012 we selected 12 schools, polytechnic schools and universities where we want to focus on. These schools offer education that makes a perfect match with our demands on the labor market.

With our College Action Teams we were present at several job events in Flanders. Here students were given the opportunity to fill in a form that gave them the chance to win a mini E'gv built by Gunter Van Deun. In total, 208 students divided over 6 job exchange events completed the form and participated.

The winner, Robin Smessaert, has been drawn by the innocent hand of Gunter Van Deun himself. He is now the proud owner of his personal mini AGV.

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