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New automatic warehouse for Rossmann Poland Handling Automation
Commissioning of automatic warehouse at Rossmann Poland
Egemin Automation recently commissioned a new automatic warehouse to Rossmann, a leading-edge German health and beauty retail chain. The installation is integrated in Rossmann’s distribution center in Lödz (Poland) handling all kinds of chemist’s products on pallets. The hand-over occurred well in time, two weeks before the scheduled commissioning date.

High-bay warehouse and lift installation

The project comprises two main parts, a high-bay pallet warehouse reaching an impressive 34 meters and a lift installation for the transport of empty and full roll containers in between the ground floor and three higher levels.

Pallet Warehouse. The pallet warehouse functions as a buffer warehouse for incoming goods inside the DC. It comprises the following equipment:
  • Input/output conveyors at goods intake including profile, pallet and weight control
  • Input/output conveyors in the frontzone of the warehouse
  • 3 pallet stacker cranes with double load handling device for single-deep storage
  • Overhead conveyor system consisting of 10 overhead shuttles covering a total length of 140 meter. The overhead conveyor links the existing high-bay warehouse and the new warehouse
  • Conveyor system for automatic transfer of pallets between Egemin conveyor system and existing conveyor system
Lift installation. The lift installation takes care of the buffering of empty roll containers transporting the containers from ground levels to the three higher levels. At the other side of the lift, full roll containers and pallets are transported to the foods warehouse on level 2.

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