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Busy retrofit times for Egemin at FloraHolland
Egemin is working hard at FloraHolland Naaldwijk for the moment. The first towline for the DISP (DIStribution of Pot plants) was commissioned last week the 5th of March. A memorable moment as this towline replaces the last non-Egemin towline at the Naaldwijk site. With several other retrofit works at hand on different FloraHolland sites, our project team is working nearly non-stop...

DISP project at Naaldwijk

The towline conveyor KB33 commissioned last week replaces the last non-Egemin towline at Naaldwijk and has a variable speed with 14 diverters. This towline is the first of 3 in total. The next one replaces an old Egemin towline and will be taken into use Friday before Easter. The Easter period marks the traditional beginning of a very busy period at the various auction sites of FloraHolland. The DISP project needs to be finished by the end of August.

In addition the new emergency stop system CNKP with safety PLC and ProfiSafe Siemens S7 300F for the first towline has been taken into use. The new system with safety PLC allows for more flexibility since future modifications and extensions will no longer require hardware rewiring of the system.

Finshed and new projects

The retrofit project towline Aircofleur 3 at the Naaldwijk site replaces an old Egemin towline from 1995. The project was commissioned with succes in January and involved a new towline layout, a new PLC, motor controller and control cabinet and upgrade from Siemens S5 to S7. We also establised a link to the customer's host system for selecting the destination of the flower trolleys.

Egemin was also rewarded a new order for the auction of Aalsmeer where we need to retrofit 6 control cabinets to Siemens PLC. Project execution on-site will start by the end of June.

About FloraHolland

FloraHolland is the biggest cooperative marketing board of ornamental plants in the world. FloraHolland has seven auction sites - Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, Venlo, Bleiswijk, Eelde and Boskoop - where 39 auction clocks are active every day, good for 125,000 auction transactions per day or 12 billion cut flowers and a half billion of plants per year.

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