News Archive 2009

Egemin AGVs transport paint cans at PPG Industries
Egemin Automation recently installed a new AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) transport system at the paint factory of PPG in Amsterdam, previously SigmaKalon. The system consists of five AGVs with roller conveyors which take pallets with paint cans from the palletiser to the static conveyor for automatic truck loading.

Process optimisation with new AGVs

For the AGV system that had been in operation for years spare parts could no longer be found. Moreover, the system was outdated and urgently needed to be replaced. PPG turned to Egemin and together they designed a new system. At the same time, the greatest bottleneck was also addressed, namely the integration of a buffer lane into the automatic truck loading system. This eliminated waiting times in the dispatch area.

Layout improvements

Other optimisations which were carried out mainly concerned technical layout aspects. For instance, Egemin built in a number of efficient routes and integrated the automatic loading points of the vehicles into a more central location, which reduced time lost during charging of vehicle batteries.

But the most important step forward was the changeover from cabling to laser navigation. Laser navigation offers much more flexibility, and – as no breaking or sawing of the workshop floor is required – it can be started up and, at a later stage, expanded more easily.

Choosing reliability and one-stop shopping

Egemin’s AGVs are robust and made up of standard components in accordance with market standards, which guarantees the reliability of the system for the customer. Moreover, for PPG it was essential to have one central partner who could provide all the necessary expertise: logistics advice, project performance and life cycle services. Egemin turned out to be the perfect match…

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