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Einsa orders three new AGVs with downender technology
Egemin Automation recently won a new order from Einsa Print International. The Spanish press company is one of the leading press shops in Spain producing catalogues, magazines and directories. Einsa confirms with this new order its confidence in Egemin Automation who successfully accomplished an AGV project at Einsa last year. The new assignment comprises the development, delivery and installation of three E’gv® vehicles (Egemin Guided Vehicle) equipped with a downender system.

Ingenious transport system as a solution for a complex catalogue printing and binding process

Last year Einsa ordered an AGV system from Egemin Automation consisting of 6 E'gv® vehicles. The system featured 2 RLVs bringing reels from the reel warehouse to the printing machines and 4 FLVs (Forklift Vehicles) responsible for the transport of printed and cut paper sheets on pallets to the WIP buffers (Work In Progress) and the binding machines. Each pallet is used to store another chapter on. Egemin Automation’s E’tricc® software takes care of the warehouse management and makes sure that pallets with the same chapters are put together in the buffers and that each pallet is brought to the binding machines in the right chapter order.

Flawless link between old and new system

The new assignment comprises the transport from the unloaded trucks on conveyors to the warehouse. Depending on the reel size, the reels are stored four to five reels high (up to a total height of 8 meter). Next, the reels with a maximum size of three tonnes are brought from the reel warehouse to a location in the plant where they are laid down one after the other. From that place they are picked up by the other vehicles that were installed last year and brought to the printing presses.

Integrated system

As soon as a reel is taken from the conveyor the software system of Egemin Automation’s partner Emsys sends all the data of the corresponding reel to the E'tricc® software. Based on that information, E'tricc® will order the nearest E'gv® vehicle to store the reel in the warehouse. E'tricc® determines the storage position fully independently based on its integrated location management module. After that, E'tricc® informs the Emsys software on the storage place.

Emsys’ software also informs E'tricc® on the amount of paper and paper type required for each production order. Based on that information E'tricc® will order the system to bring a number of reels to production. In the other direction, E'tricc® will notify the Emsys software when the reel is actually delivered to the presses.

Technological breakthrough for the paper industry

The configuration at Einsa, a combination of a vertical reel warehouse and a horizontal delivery of the reels at the printing presses, is typical for the paper industry. Thanks to the integration of the downender system on the E'gv® vehicles there’s no longer need to install such a system on the conveyors, which leads to a considerable decrease in required space and costs. Furthermore, rotating reels during transport also results in shorter production times.

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