News Archive 2007

Honda closes contract with Egemin Automation for AGV transport system
Honda Europe and Egemin Automation’s division Handling Automation recently signed a cooperation agreement for the development of automation concepts within Honda’s production and warehouse environment. Founded in 1963, Honda Belgium was the first production plant of the Japanese automobile concern outside Japan. The Belgium Honda plant has specialist expertise in bumper spraying for the after market. For its brand new distribution centre Honda is planning to build, Egemin Automation has been entrusted with the engineering, construction and the installation of an E’gv® system that takes care of the spare parts transport inside the factory.

The E'gv® system

The transport system will consist of forklift type AGVs with on-board E’nsor® navigation software. The vehicles receive transport commands from the E’tricc® management software that communicates with the production system of Honda.

This project represents the second order from Honda for Egemin Automation in very short time. Earlier this year America Honda contracted Egemin Automation to implement an AGV system for the transport of containers loaded with components in the parts centre of Troy, Ohio. The Honda plant of East Liberty features a fleet of 67 Egemin Automation AGVs that take care of the supply of parts to production.

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