News Archive 2007

Egemin Automation retrofits Zelzatebrug
The Infrastructure Agency of the Flemish Government has contracted Egemin Automation for the electromechanical upgrade works to the “Zelzatebrug” on the Canal Ghent – Terneuzen.

Strategical gateway

The Zelzatebrug constitutes the most essential link for maritime access to the Port Of Ghent which processes approximately 23 million tonnes of goods each year, a large part entering the port via the North Sea. The Zelzatebrug is the only access for large sea ships up to 80,000 tonnes -traditionally with a length of 256m, a width of 34m and a draught of 13m- to Ghent. That is why it is of the utmost importance that the bridge can be operated as optimal and safe as possible.

Electromechanical upgrade

A substantial renovation of the electromechanical installation of the bridge was absolute necessary to continue ensuring the shipping traffic to and from the Port Of Ghent. Egemin Automation, already having performed a number of renovation works for bridges and locks, was again contracted by the Flemish Government for this major assignment. The renovation works comprise the installation of new pump groups, the implementation of a new PLC control program and SCADA control system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) and the renewal of high and low voltage facilities on the bridge. 

The works will be started this year. The bridge will remain accessible during the works except for a six-week period at most. During the closedown period a ferry service will be available for crossing of pedestrians and bicyles. This new project confirms Egemin Automation’s automation expertise in the domain of infrastructural works and our excellent skills with regard to execution.

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