News Archive 2006

Sea-Invest takes new fruit terminal into use in Antwerp
Last year Sea-Invest acquired control of the fruit division of PSA. To continue supporting the activities of the former customers of PSA, Compagnie Fruitière and Dole, Sea-Invest built a brand-new fruit terminal in the harbour of Antwerp at quay 220 named FFTA (Fresh Fruit Terminal Antwerp). The terminal has a total storage capacity of nearly 9,600 fruit pallets and will handle approximately 500,000 tons of fruit per year.

High speed warehouse system

Egemin Automation supplied a highly automated transport and storage system for the fruit terminal comprising a double loop conveyor system for pallet input and output to the warehouse, eight cranes for pallet storage in the warehouse and a coordinating warehouse management system to monitor warehouse occupancy. The system easily manages peak moments when new ships arrive, processing up to 600 pallets per hour. Multiple temperature zones in the warehouse make sure that each fruit is stored in optimal conditions. According to Johan Claes, manager of the fruit division of Sea-Invest, no other fruit terminal in the world is automated to such a high degree.

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