News Archive 2006

Egemin Automation USA completes AGV system at R.J. Reynolds
Egemin Automation Inc., Egemin Automation's American subsidiary, recently implemented an AGV system with 27 vehicles for the R.J. Reynolds production facilities in Winston-Salem. Egemin Automation won the major contract early 2006 and developed, tested and installed the system throughout the year.

A delighted customer...

John Harrison, senior staff engineer and project manager at R.J. Reynolds testifies:

"The implementation of our 27 vehicle AGV system was conducted with relatively little problem and much better than expected due to the “co-mingling” concept and Egemin Automation's dedicated on-site team. The design and construction of the AGVs is excellent. The project was completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule and after two months of running the system in production, the AGVs are performing with a high level of reliability and efficiency. Great Job!!"

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