Accurate and efficient registration of goods and loads

Accurate and efficient registration of goods

E’arl® (Egemin Acquisition & Registration of Load characteristics) is an integrated measurement unit that can be integrated with E’tow® in-floor chain conveyors systems. The unit measures and registers load data such as volume, weight and identification (RFID, barcode) with utmost accuracy.

Perfect control of weight and volume

The extremely high accuracy of the measurements gives you perfect control to ensure your customers' weight and volume data are correct. Other benefits include:
  • No stops in production or operational losses thanks to real-time measurements
  • More efficient loading of trucks thanks to accurate volume measurements
  • Optimization of logistics through data exchanges with the administration system
E’arl® can also be fitted with an identification scanner and a camera system for the creation of an image database.

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What customers say
Vania Kroselj,
TAT Express

”In our industry, the customer tells us the weight of their packages. Therefore we wanted a system that systematically checked the weight. Thanks to Egemin we've been able to make these controls even more reliable."