Forklift AGV, forklift automatic guided vehicles

FLV - Fork Lift Vehicle AGV

The FLV series include forklift AGVs that are able to automatically pick up and deliver pallets, containers, rolls, carts and many other conveyable loads. Automated guided vehicles with forks are the most common type of AGVs because they are so versatile. They can pick and drop load from floor level, racks, stands and driven conveyors.

Forklift automatic guided vehicles can also handle nearly any load: pallets, skeleton containers, IBC’s, racks, tubs, boxes, rolls.

A variety of forklift applications

Forklift AGV systems are the ideal solution for warehouse and distribution areas. Thanks to their versatility forked automated guided vehicles can be used for a wide range of applications:

Standard FLV models

The following standard models are available within the FLV series. Depending on the required lifting heights and load weights, single, double or triple mast versions can be integrated. 

  • Narrow FLV: lifting forks come over the support legs allowing the AGV to make shorter turns and to transport loads in narrow areas.
    Standard narrow models: FLV2012/N, FLV3310/N
  • Straddle FLV: support legs are outside the load to provide better support for heavier and taller loads like racks, pallets and rolls and during higher lifting movements.
    Standard straddle models: FLV2012/S, FLV3310/S
  • Counterbalance FLV: AGV equipped with extra counterweight to handle narrow and closed loads in confined areas
    Standard counterbalance models: FLV2008/C, FLV2012/C
  • Hybrid FLV: standard forklift trucks automated with Egemin technology
    Standard hybrid models: FLV/H-CAT, FLV/H-FMX

Fork carriage options

Depending on your application the following fork carriage variations are possible:

  • Double forks: FLV with two pairs of forks to handle two loads simultaneously or wide loads
  • Double/single forks: FLV with two pairs of forks collapsible to single forks to handle two loads or one load
  • Fork spread/shift: FLV with shiftable forks to handle different sized loads with divergent fork openings
  • Telescopic forks: FLV with sideways positioned forks to store loads in warehouse racks
  • Turret forks: FLV equipped with swing forks capable of rotating 180 degrees within the aisle for higher productivity
  • Reach forks: FLV with mast moving forward and backward to pick or drop loads in warehouse racks
  • Top-press: FLV  equipped with stabilizing top-press to handle unstable loads

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What customers say
Manuel Izaguirre Zabala,
Georgia Pacific Spain

“We decided to automate the internal transport with Egemin AGVs because it allowed us to save on labour costs and to significantly increase traffic safety within our plant.”