Steven Mouws, Senior Control Engineer, Handling Automation

Steven Mouws talks about his work as a Senior Control Engineer with Dematic: "As a young engineer, you get the opportunity from day one to channel your career in the direction you want. There are endless opportunities within the company so you will definitely be able to find the right job for you.”

Via the VDAB job site

“Because of the economic crisis I couldn’t find a job straight away when I graduated”, says Steven Mouws. “I put my CV on the VDAB website. Later I was told that there might be interesting vacancies with Dematic. When I discovered that the vacancies were in the area of automated guided vehicles, the subject of my thesis, I applied immediately. The first interview took place very quickly. At the time, I didn’t know what to expect. After speaking to a few of the staff and taking an initial look at the workplace, I was immediately sold. I decided there and then to start working for Egemin as soon as possible.”

“I have always been interested in everything related to automation, even during my studies. From the moment I first found out about Egemin, I knew that it was the type of company I was looking for. The AGV business unit particularly appealed to me. After my first year with Egemin I’m more convinced than ever that I’ve found my niche here and that I’ve made the right decision.”

Flexibility and development opportunities

“The things I value most are flexibility and development opportunities”, says Steven. “The flexible working hours mean that I can plan my working week myself. Depending on the workload, I can also plan in private events. My line managers place sufficient trust in me to do this. They can be sure that the work will be done on time, and I can work independently. This freedom creates a relaxed working environment where I can work most effectively.”

Steven Mouws is also very enthusiastic about the development opportunities. “During this first year at Egemin I’ve been able to look for the career path that suits me best”, he says. “The job I’m doing now is very different from the one I was initially appointed to, but it’s the one where I feel happiest. Now I’ve found my niche within the group, I know where I want to go. I get a lot of support for this. This also means that I enjoy going to work."

Delivering high-quality products

“In my role I don’t often come into direct contact with the customer”, says Steven Mouws. “But as a test engineer I’m responsible for the product that eventually reaches the customer. I’m committed to testing every vehicle thoroughly so that the customer receives a high-quality product.”

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