We Deliver.

Daring to be creative. Passionate about our work. Thinking out reliable solutions. Focused on success. These qualities have defined Dematic for decades, and deliver results to our customers today. We deliver professional advice based on years of experience in automation technology and a profound knowledge of our client’s processes. We deliver projects within the required budget, meeting the time frame with the highest quality standards. We deliver reliable support – 24/7.

Egemin has a five-part mission, aimed at its five largest stakeholders: customers, employees, shareholders, partners and suppliers, as well as society and the environment.


  • Provide independent no-nonsense advice to our customer in his journey towards value creation
  • Offer the best suitable industry solution, fit for purpose, based on proven technology and knowledge of the customer’s business
  • Assure stability and continuity by providing accessible life cycle services


  • Team up with passionate, technology-driven people
  • Create an environment where people can give free rein to their creativity within a well-defined framework and where intrapreneurship is encouraged
  • Provide a learning environment and offer the potential for career development
  • Promote a culture of respect, flexibility and participative management


  • Provide a stable company with a long-term vision
  • Create added value through profitable growth

Suppliers / Partners

  • Be a solid, trustworthy partner, who keeps his promises
  • Enable the creation of a leverage effect through exchange of knowledge


  • Provide safe and sustainable solutions that respect our environment and improve the quality of life
  • Contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility

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